Carbon Fiber in Infrastructure, Zoltek, Bridges, Highways, RepairZOLTEK™ PX35 has enhanced load bearing capabilities which put less strain on infrastructure, provide cost and scheduling benefits through minimally invasive repair methods, and use non-corrosive materials with outstanding fatigue performance.

Infrastructure Products

ZOLTEK’S UD fabrics are used in systems for strengthening and upgrading of existing structural members made of concrete, steel, masonry or timber. When combined with a suitable resin, ZOLTEK fabrics can be applied to a variety of surfaces including walls, pipes, columns, bridge decks and beams. These provide a lightweight solution for repairing degraded structures and restoring load bearing capacity. Additional applications include improving seismic performance or blast resistance of concrete and masonry structures.

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ZOLTEK’S chopped and milled fiber are used in concrete and conductive flooring applications. Chopped carbon fiber is mixed into concrete to improve the mechanical properties. Both chopped and milled fiber can be used in conductive flooring.

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Carbon fiber pultruded rods provide options for upgrading the load bearing capacity and flexural properties of structures without adding significant dead weight. Pultruded carbon fiber composite rods and plates are ready to use as internal or external reinforcement for concrete, masonry and timber structures. Non-corrosive and lighter weight than traditional steel reinforcement, these provide an easy way to improve the strength and stiffness of existing structures.