CNG/Pressure Vessels

Filament Winding is the process of winding resin-impregnated fiber or tape on a mandrel surface in a precise geometric pattern. This is accomplished by rotating the mandrel while a delivery head precisely positions fibers on the mandrel surface. By winding continuous strands of carbon fiber in very precise patterns, ZOLTEK™ can build structures with properties stronger than steel at much lighter weights.

Intelligent Automated Solutions

Zoltek CNG, Carbon Fiber, Filament Winding, Compressed Natural Gas

FiberGrafiX™ filament winding pattern generation

With over 50 years’ experience, Engineering Technology Corporation (a ZOLTEK company) is the world’s leader in filament winding machinery and software. This expertise has allowed us to create FiberGrafiX™, a superior software application for winding pattern generation and optimization. Twenty years ago, this software program was the first of it’s kind. Today, FiberGrafiX™ has continued to lead the industry and is now used on more machines around the world than any other similar application. Patterns generated by FiberGrafiX can be output to any filament winding machine’s computer control system.

Engineering Technology Corporation offers a full-range of services, which include:

  • Complete facility layout
  • Filament winding equipment
  • Product design support & prototyping
  • Winding pattern software and control systems
  • Process parameters